Our Services

Engineering Your Next Industrial IoT Solution

Redev Technology is a a Company involved in developing, integrating and operating custom Industrial IoT Solutions for our customers. 

Our team as more than a decade of experience in integrating complex software industrial solutions with the "new" cloud patterns.

We provide:

◎    Development of Industrial IoT control and telemetry software solutions
◎    Integration of legacy field devices and applications
◎    Design of custom Sensors and Edge Diagnostic devices
◎    Predictive Analytics algorithms

Service Management

Efficiently streamline your business operations through Our Comprehensive Suite of tools to ensure your IT services run seamlessly.

We offer:

◎ OT-IT Process Modelling

Software Governance

Our solutions help you maintain compliance, manage licenses effectively, and optimize your software portfolio for maximum efficiency.

We offer:

◎ OT-IT Process Convergence

◎ CI/CD Automation

Managed Teams

Our collaborative platform fosters peak productivity through seamless communication and project management.

We offer:

◎ Agile Development Rooms



We provide a collaborative platform, enabling your workforce to operate at peak productivity while ensuring seamless communication and project management.

We offer:

◎ Dev Ops/Dev Sec Ops Automation


Success Stories

We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable business.