1. We develop/provide a Technology

The first step of our collaboration model is developing or identifying (mostly through open source) a software or a hardware technology.

We always help the customer to rationalize rather than wrapping up his requirements to reduce the impact of last minute changes.

2. We tailor that

Often open source technologies require substantial integration effort and "glue logics" to be developed.

3. We integrate that

The integration process is an important step that moves software technologies from being a software running on developer computer to being a fully integrated, production-grade software, in operation in a public cloud or other compute infrastructure. This process requires taking care of aspects like Distributed Monitoring, Logging, Tracing, Testing for security bugs, Building & Deploying through the C.I. (Continuous Integration) / C.D. (Continuous Delivery) processes of the company and much more.

4. We make a Platform out of a Technology

The production phase is the point at which your plans and products come together. After this phase, you will need to enter into a platformization process to let your policies, users, processes adopt the new platform just deployed.

5. We run Operations of that Technology

After a successful platformization it's time to run Operations. Here at Redev we've got a team ready to support, monitor and run your production infrastructure 24h a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We offer platform operations through a dedicate team of DevOps Engineers,  along to Tier1 and Tier 2 product support services in outsourcing. Whether required we're ready to train and run a local team for our customers.

And we do a lot more with software Technologies


Introducing new technologies in large organizations often requires a review of the Data Governance and the Architecture Governance processes. Organizations must be aware of all the best practices, restrictions and operational processes to be implemented and integrated (in particular within IT Service Management platforms and Robotic Process Automation platforms) to make everyone beneficial of the new capabilities enabled.


Having Cloud-agnostic Platforms is a must today for Digital-first companies. We always provide a chance to our customers to make their software completely portable from cloud to cloud and to on-premise as well. We leverage on Kubernetes and other orchestration technologies to simplify this process.


Testing the availability and reliability of web software platforms across a number of browsers and of mobile applications across different brand and models of mobile devices, makes a software more stable and ready to the open market. At Redev we pay particular attention to QA. We've an established team that is in charge handling these needs for our customers.


Trying to "break" your next software product developed by Redev is something we always love to do. Through a thorough set of modern and established testing processes we've galvanized attention around the stress-testing at scale. This lets us and you see if and how your next platform performs beyond the specified number of concurrent users, connections, data throughput, against flash crowds and many other stressing (and measuring) patterns. 


We develop software that is always ready to be ported to different languages using a non-technical translation team. The Internationalization and Localization practice at Redev, through the use of GetText allows us to be ready for real global software. 



Overview of finished development projects in the last 2 years.



Overview of the delivery timings of software development projects in the last 2 years.